About RxPhoto

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  • Create new patient profiles from your mobile device
  • Select anatomical region from standard or custom anatomy lists
  • On-screen photo templates, leveling tool and photo ghosting features create a repeatable process for capturing consistent before and after photos
  • Use drawing and illustration tools to visually annotate images
  • Use the injection tracking tool to streamline the process of documenting injectable and filler applications
  • Photos are automatically encrypted and sent to a HIPAA compliant cloud server


The Digital Pro has always looked for ways to improve our products along with making it easier for Doctors to get great before and after photographs. Using our Camera Track or Camera Dolly along with the wall mounted lighting will always be the best solution, but what about after the photos have be taken? We save you a lot of time in the studio, but saving the files and using them can still be labor intensive.

Having worked in a lot of different doctor’s office with a large variety of software none of them really do the job in my opinion. Some are all cloud based others require memory cards to be down loaded and most are not part of the practice software package. And all compress the files to save storage space.

In addition to having all the cool features available with Cloud storage RxPhoto can integrated with Nextech, Mindbody, Streamline MD, Greenway, Athena, Dr Chrono and AllScripts. RxPhoto Partners click here for more information.