RxPhoto or Touch MD Upgrade

Control your Digital SLR with any iPad Touch MD or with RxPhoto using the Manfrotto Digital Director. Manfrotto not needed with Touch MD Snap click here for more information

Now you can use the RxPhoto App with current studio lighting and camera stand. More about RX Photo click here.

Rather that taking before and after photos with an iPad or iPhone the Digital Director will connect to the iPad and control your DSLR camera and upload images to the cloud and your in house server software*. This allows you to take advantage of the RxPhoto tools and still have publication quality photos taken with a full feature digital camera and lens.


Standard camera stand without RxPhoto accessories.

Camera Dolly with Manfrotto Digital Director module and iPad Mini $800 (Manfrotto-iPad not included

Note this bracket works will all iPads EXCEPT the Large Pro 10″x12″

Manfrotto Digital Director with factory iPad holder. Camera Track with Manfrotto Digital Director module and iPad Mini $2350 iPad Floor Dolly $450 for use with standard or Mini iPad without camera.


How it all works: The iPad holder is removed from the Manfrotto Digital Director and the control module is mounted on either the Digital Pro Camera Dolly or Overhead Camera Track. A rotating holder is used for the iPad.

Both iPad and Camera in Vertical position Both iPad and Camera in Horizontal position Camera Ball Head Quick Release Manfratto Power Switch on top easy access
Using the wing nut the module is easy to remove to replace batteries. The Manfrotto module in mounted in front of the camera Rechargeable batteries are recommended and can be recharged with Manfrotto AC adapter if iPad is not connected.  
Tip* Have floor markers for distance for most used templates to have a starting point and speed up taking photos. Always have subject in same location using a floor target. Turn on the Manfrotto unit, Camera and iPad Set your starting camera location using the camera view finder
Open Rx Photo app “Manfrotto on notification” “Camera Connected notification”

Chose patient and template.

Set camera and iPad to correct orientation.

Position camera and take photo using the iPad. Everything will be saved as usual and the camera memory card will also save the image.