Lighting Kits

The Digital Pro’s Lighting Kits

Lighting Kits for Plastic Surgeons Before and After Photos

  • All units use daylight balanced continuous output fluorescent lamps.
  • Ideal for use with digital cameras.
  • Easy installation using wall anchors and cordless drill.

Pricing :

Two Wall Hugger Lights (without bulbs) and wall mounts $650 (bulbs can be purchased locally for $6 each they always get  broken when shipped)

Two 20″x20″ Soft Boxes with Bulbs and wall mounts $650

20×20 Soft Box and Wall Mount

plugged in to Wall Hugger Outlet

Front of Soft Box with 4 Daylight CFL bulbs Back side of Wall Hugger

with wall mounts

Front of Wall Hugger with 2 54 watt

daylight tubes.




Studio Light Wall Bracket

Light Wall Mount Brackets $39 each

Ceiling Light Bracket $50 each