Studio Pricing

Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist Photographic Studio Equipment

Camera and Lighting System for Cosmetic Photography designed to take “Before and After” photos that have perfect registration, consistent lighting and publication quality.

Here is what we offer:

  • Custom made equipment constructed and assembled in Oregon.
  • Personalized support and recommendations for your photo studio
  • Using your room dimensions, and layout locations for lighting, Ceiling Mounted Camera or Camera Dolly
  • Help with camera settings and operation
  • Includes step by step documentation for procedures used by staff to take Before & After photographs.
  • Onsite training for offices with multiple doctors or large staff. (Daily rate plus travel expenses apply)
  • We do not sell cameras, but can help you with your purchase  Click Here for more camera information

Studio Pricing

Camera Dolly Studio with Soft Boxes and Wall Huggers $1995 + S&H

Wall Mounted Camera Track Studio with Soft Boxes and Wall Huggers $3495 + S&H

Office Studio with Camera Dolly Camera Dolly Test Room with Wall Mounted Camera Track Soft Box and Wall Hugger Lights
Camera Dolly With Rotating Camera Bracket $695 + S&H
RxPhoto Camera Dolly With Ball Head, iPad Mount and Manfrotto Mount $749.95 + S&H
Touch MD Camera Dolly With Ball Head and iPad Mount
$749.95 + S&H
Wall Mounted Camera Track $2195 + S&H
2 20″x20″ Soft Box  Lights w\Bulbs and Wall mounts $650 + S&H
2 Wall Hugger Lights with Wall Mounts (bulbs not included) $650 + S&H

We can assist you in setting up an area in your office dedicated to taking patient photos with the right equipment and staff training. In some cases this can be in an area that is being used as an exam room when not taking photos.

The most efficient way to accomplish this is to contact me at The Digital Pro LLC. What I will need is a list of the Camera, and Lighting  that your office is using, and the dimensions of the room that is being used including ceiling height. After receiving this information I will layout  the studio and recommend any additional equipment you will need.

The first item that is addressed is “Camera to Patient Distance”  this issue is resolved using the ceiling mounted Camera Track  or Camera Dolly. Now all of your Before and After Photos will be taken from the same height and distance for each patient and those measurements will be recorded for future reference.

Equally  important is lighting that is consistent by wall mounting Soft Boxes and  Wall Huggers at the right distance from the subject to insure the best exposure and color balance.

Your studio can be customized to fit the room in your office with the right combination of  lights, and either the Camera Track or Camera Stand.