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 The Digital Pro’s Audio Video Training CDs

The audio video presentations are based on the popular 2 hr training courses used in  The Digital Pro’s live classes. For those unable to attend live workshops this is the prefect solution to getting the most out of your digital camera .
The easy to follow Videos will let you learn how to use your digital camera and computer photo software at your own pace. Simply insert the CD into your computer CD DVD drive, turn on the speakers and away you go! The screen has controls to pause, fast forward or rewind. While viewing the camera Videos you can follow along with your camera taking photos, and with the computer training you can pause the training and work the different steps with your computer at the same time.


Training CDs are $34.95 each including Shipping and Handling Paypay Account not Requied use any major Credit card to purchase.

 Basic Digital Camera Workshop 

 Description:  A very basic training Work Shop based on the needs of those just getting started and for experienced film photographers that are converting to digital.  Learn about the parts, of your digital camera and how they work together to improve your picture taking ability.  

 Topics covered are: 

 Information about batteries & memory cards 

Must have accessories 

Basic camera operation & terminology 


Flash controls 

Available light photography 

Exposure compensation (Photos in Snow and more) 


Auto white light balance 

Menus and settings 


Intermediate-Advanced Digital Photography Work Shop for Full Feature & SLR cameras  

 Now is the time to learn how to get the most out of your Single Lens Reflex, or advanced feature digital camera. Learn to shoot sports, wildlife, portraits, or scenery  “Like a Pro” if you understand the basics. 

Items covered in this CD include: 

Filters and accessories 

Lens and focal length terminology 

Different lenses and applications. 

Aperture settings (f-stops) 

Depth of field 

ISO settings 

Shutter speeds (control motion). 

Camera modes (Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture priority) 

Metering and exposure compensation 

Night Photography 

Flash Photography & studio lighting. 

Prerequisite:  How to Use your Digital Camera 


Computer & Photo Software Work Shop Workshop on CD! 

 Topics covered are: 

Complete set up and operation of Picasa2 Software 

Computer Maintenance 

File Management (How to organize pictures in files) 

How to upload photos to your computer 

Resizing images for e-mail and other applications) 

Fixing images (Crop, color balance, red eye elimination, and more) 


E-mail photo’s with ease. 

Transferring photo’s, and other data to CD or DVD