The Digital Pro offers a wide range of Digital Camera and Digital Photography training and consulting with a hands on straight forward approach.

Clients include business professionals needing publication quality photos for web site and publications, Law Enforcement  and other Agencies to document investigations, Plastic Surgeons, and consumers wanting to get the most out of their digital camera while taking travel and family photos.

The instructional approach can be broken down to three parts; first tell you how to do a task, then show how it is done with examples, and and the last step makes it “stick”, have you perform the task with assistance  if needed.

The main reason that users have problems with their Digital Camera  is that they are loaded with features that are mostly gimmicks. If you learn how to use a few basic settings on your camera, the result will be consistent professional quality images.

When dealing with the computer side of digital photography the main issues are file management and photo software. When you start using a digital camera and down loading thousands of image files they need to be organized or you will have a mess on your hands and can even end up deleting photos by mistake. Understanding file management will take care of this and make your life easier while dealing with your computer. Photo software shipped with most camera and computers lack features and are not always the most user friendly. A very popular software option Picasa 3 (the newest version) is available for free from  (The photo software used in the workshops and the training CD)

For those unable to attend our workshops Audio Video training CDs for the “Basic Camera Workshop”, “Computer-Photo Software Work Shop” and “Digital SLR Work Shop” cover everything that we do in the Workshops and are availble for sale online for $34.95 including shipping. We also offer them to those attend the Workshops at a discounted price.

Class curriculum is designed for both business and personal use.   Click here for upcoming workshops!                          

Private lessons avaiable for $60 per hour 2 hour min.

Customized group training’s available for realtors, insurance agents, medical and dental professionals, law enforcement, architects, small business operators and anyone possessing a desire to use Digital photography for business or personal use.c Digital Camera WorksHow to Use Your Digital Camera