Camera Mounts

Camera Mounting Options

What is the best way to mount the TAC-720 HD video camera?

There are almost unlimited options on where to mount the camera.  Included in the kit is a “universal” camera mount that could be used on a car dash or helmet. One of our customers is using it on a Radio Controlled airplane, but Law Enforcement Officers need more choices.

When using the TAC-720 as a dash camera aiming in the correct direction is very easy, but when used as a body camera it can become a process of trial and error. A way to make it quick and easy is to use a small L.E.D.  flashlight in the mount and direct the center of the light beam to the correct direction before using the camera. Here are examples with the shoulder strap, hat clip, and rubber helmet mount with the flash light in place.


L.E.D. Flashlight w/batteries $8



Here is what we currently offer and if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.

Universal Quick Release Mount with ball head included with kit two bases with adhesive back

 Quick Release Mount on Bicycle Helmet.Note that for LEO the strap is worn loose and there needs to be a counter weight on opposing side of helmet.

Adjustable size HeadBand mount with camera angle adjustment. $15

Helmet with Plastic Mounting clip using 3M VHB tape


 The shoulder pad has a plyable metal insert that can be formed to the shoulder to keep the camera in position and is used on both the Epaulet Mount and the Shoulder MountThe Epaulet Mount $10   

The shoulder strap attaches to the collar with a locking clip and strap with adjustable quick release clip.. This unit works well for those that do not want to use a hat or helmet mount. Cost $15

 Low profile plastic clip can be used with 3M VHB Tape or with screws. $8  
 Sticky Matt with base plate Quick Release Mount for use on car dash or other flat surface. Cost $12 The camera has the USB cable and car charger attached (included in kit). Using a 32 Gig card the camera can record up to 9 Hrs. It is also perfect for doing interviews in the car or other locations. $12
 Camera mounted on windshield with Suction Cup Tripod. Unit can be rotated in different directions for drive by, or record inside the vehicle  Suction Cup Tripod shown with the TAC-720This unit has a Ball Head allowing it to be mounted on vertical or horizontal non-porous  sufaces (glass, plastic) like windshields or windows. Cost $20The Suction Cup Tripod includes the rubber camera tripod mount with metal 1/4″ thread insert that is standard on most cameras. Yes this mount will work with your compact digital camera.
 Rubber mount can be used on just about any helmet or other surface.There are three options available.1. Pre-drilled with 1/4″ metal insert for use with small bolt or screw.  Shown on bicycle helmet using L.E.D. flashlight as counter balance.
 2. Without insert with self tapping screw  3. 3. Mount with 1/4″ Allen Screw and Locking Nut
 TAC-720 can be used with a 30mm Picatinny scope mount for use on Tactical Helmets.Hat Clip Hat Clip Cost $8 To aim the camera when mounting to a helmet a L.E.D. flashlight can be used in place of the camera to adjust the direction with the light beam.