Tactical Action Cameras

Police departments and Law Enforcement Agencies across the country are starting to use Body camera’s to video record their actions while on duty. The Digital Pro LLC  now is offering the Tactical Pro HD Video Cameras designed specifically for L.E.O. requirements (Unlike consumer Helmet Cameras sold for extreme sports or dash cameras).

TAC- 720HD Video Camera $249.95 + S&H


Almost all L.E.O.’s are using voice recorders to record events. Now they can operate in the same fashion and have both High Quality Digital Audio, and at the same time record HD quality Video. Here is a link to a resent AP article about the Oakland CA, P.D. using “body” cameras note that the price quoted in the article is a misprint it should read $899. http://special.registerguard.com/turin/2011/jul/10/police-say-wearing-tiny-cameras-adds-to-their-safety/

Most of the “body” cameras clip on the users shirt with the lens positioned on the center of the chest. The problem with this configuration is that as seen in the online video’s if the officer has to use a handgun it blocks the subject. The TAC-720 can be worn on the shoulder Epaulet using the  standard accessory clip .

Tactical Action Camera’s allow officers to video situations away from their vehicle, to do witness video interviews on site either in the car or at the scene, enable bicycle and motorcycle patrols to have video recording .

Demo Video

Hi Jim,
I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you. We’ve had quite the upswing in criminal activity since 01/01/12. It’s just now starting to slow down a bit!
I did forward your message and link to the guys to offer some feedback on their personal experience with the cameras. I’ve heard nothing but good from them if that helps! We had one case where the camera absolutely saved our hides. We had a defense attorney go sideways on us on New Year’s Eve and it went south quickly, resulting in an injury to one of our officers. This guy was so far off the grid with his account of what happened it was hysterical. Had the officer not had his camera going the entire time, the outcome could have been quite different. Once he saw the video in discovery, the whole ball game changed! We as a department went to his plea/sentencing hearing this am…..guilty on all charges, an additional 14 days in jail and the Oregon Bar Assoc. has been notified!

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


HD 720p, 1280×720, 30fps

High quality audio with built in microphone

Removable Micro SD memory card

2hr recording with built in rechargeable battery

Water Resistant

Two button control system, front button record, back button stop.

File format MOV (no special software required, save file to computer with Micro SD- Standard SD adapter) play back with Windows Media Player(Windows 7 or Vista) or other QuickTime video software (Windows XP). System requirements 4 Gig Ram.

Dimensions: L 84.9mm, W 24mm

Quick release mount with ball head base for use on clip board, helment, or auto dash (included in camera kit).





Micro SD memory card & SD card adapter for downloading files with standard SD card reader

4Gig card included will accept up to 32 Gig