Photo Studio


How to design a dedicated studio for taking before and after photos of patients for plastic surgeons that will give publication quality results.

Plastic Surgery Photographic Studio Design

7.5 ft X 11 ft Studio

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The main goals that I try to achieve in setting up a  Photographic  Studio in Plastic Surgeons offices is to have all the lighting and camera gear set up without any clutter and permanently mounted.

Using a tripod or taking photos with the camera hand held will never give consistent results when trying to duplicate photos taken from the same height and distance from the subject. The camera track is mounted on the ceiling in the center of the room eliminating the risk of having someone trip over it and the camera can be pushed out of the way if the room needs to be used for other purposes when needed.

The target area for the subject should be 36″ from the background wall if the room has carpet a plastic desk chair mat can be used with markings on it to position the subject when standing and the stool location can be marked for the facial photos taken while sitting.

The lights need to be placed at a 45 degree angle to the subject and mounted on the side walls if the room will allow. Most rooms are 10-12 feet wide and work well with lights using the large soft box reflectors, if you are using a narrow room the tube style lights will work in rooms as narrow as 6 feet. If you are using strobe style lights that flash a radio trigger device is recommended to eliminate the camera to flash cord. If you do not have studio lights the constant out put daylight balanced lights are much easier to work with than strobe units. When taking facial photos using a constant output ring light is also recommended.

The background wall needs to be painted 18% grey rather than using paper or cloth (no rips or wrinkles)

Resource for detailed information about Plastic  surgery photography beginning on page 34 of PDF file of University of Texas Resident hand book.