Product Pricing and Information

 Plastic Surgeon’s Medical before and after photography system

Studio Set including Wall Hugger Lights and Camera Dolly $1148 + S&H

Camera Dolly With Rotating Camera Bracket $649 + S&H
Ceiling Mounted Camera Track $1995 + S&H
Motor Drive Ceiling Camera Track $2599 + S&H
2 Wall Hugger Lights with Wall Mounts No Bulbs(light bulb tubes $20 set of 4 locally) $499+ S&H
Wall Hugger Floor Stands $39 ea + S&H
2- Soft Boxes 20″x20″ With Wall Mounts w/bulbs $499 + S&H
2- Soft Boxes 24″x36″ With Wall Mounts w/bulbs $599 + S&H
Studio Light universal Wall Mount Bracket  $39 ea + S&H



Camera Dolly
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf your office has limited space or needs a less expensive option for taking before and after photos we now offer a Camera Dolly for $649 .





 The ceiling mounted Camera Track has a horizontal travel of 7.5 ft and vertical travel of 5ft (overall length is 8ft). Both have calibration tapes with metric and ft.-inches.


  • The horizontal slide has a strap that is used to move the unit back and forth to the user’s preset positions.
  • The camera platform can be moved up and down after unlocking the brake with the lever.
  • Rotate the camera from vertical to horizontal if needed (the lens will remain centered).
  • Record the camera-subject distances: Camera elevation, distance from subject, distance from background Camera

Track system with camera bracket, and mounting hardware. Base Price $1995+S&H