Lighting Kits

The Digital Pro’s Lighting Kits

Lighting Kits for Plastic Surgeons Before and After Photos

All units use daylight balanced continuous output fluorescent lamps.

Ideal for use with digital cameras.

Pricing :

Two Wall Hugger Lights (without bulbs) and wall mounts $500 (bulbs can be purchased locally for $6 each they always get  broken when shipped)

Two 20″x20″ Soft Boxes with Bulbs and wall mounts $500

20×20 Soft Box and Wall Mount

plugged in to Wall Hugger Outlet

Front of Soft Box with 4 Daylight CFL bulbs Back side of Wall Hugger

with wall mounts

Front of Wall Hugger with 2 54 watt

daylight tubes.




Studio Light Wall Bracket

Light Wall Mount Brackets $39 each

Ceiling Light Bracket $50 each