Lighting 101

Plastic Surgeon Studio Lighting Options and How To

The secret to getting photos that have professional quality photos with natural color and shadows is lighting equipment.

Using lights that are always in the same location that have natural color balance is the solution to getting publication quality photographs.

When an order is placed for studio lights we do a lighting test using your photo room dimensions to establish where the lights need to be mounted for the best results. In the examples shown on this page the lights are on floor stands that we use for testing purposes. We recommend that all lighting is wall mounted unless the room shape will not allow this method then we offer light stands without legs that can not be tripped over, and are easy to mark their position on the floor.

If your photos are taken with room lights or on camera flash you know what happens. Shadows on the background, poor color, bad exposures, and hot spots.

Our lighting kits all have daylight balanced constant output and can be wall mounted in almost any room. We started out only offering Soft Box lighting, but found out early on that many doctor’s offices have limited space for taking before and after photos. The Wall Hugger will work in tight rooms and match the quality of Soft Box lighting.

 Wall Hugger H.O. Lights $499 with wall mounts. Floor stands $30 each.

Note: Wall Hugger Lights shown on this page are the discontinued 64 watt units the H.O. lights are 108 watt

This example shows the Wall Hugger Lights with one mounted on the wall and the other on a floor stand.

In this location the position of the counters prevented us from mounting both lights on the walls.

All of the lighting options can be used with either the Camera Track or Camera Stand.

 One light wall mounted second light on stand in odd shaped room  Wall Hugger Lights  Wall Hugger Lights


24″x36″ Soft Box Lights $599 with wall mounts.

Here are examples of the Soft Boxes using wall mounts and a motorized version of the camera track in a larger photo room.

 24″x36″ Wall mounted main lights  Sample photo


Soft Boxes for Facial or Hair Implants Photos

For Doctors that want the ultimate lighting for Facial Photography with natural shadows on the face the best light set up is to have two soft boxes above the subject at a 45 degree angle.

Notice the difference in the shadows under the eyes, nose and chin. You would not want this effect for body photos with shadow in the “wrong places”.

The soft boxes are wall mounted close to the ceiling and this also works in tight places using the Wall Huggers lights for body photos.

 Lighting Test with floor stands. Note that final installation would use wall mounts  Over Head lighting  Flat lighting