M.E. Photo System

Medical Examiner Photography Stystem

This Camera Track is designed for taking photos of subjects on an operating-autopsy table. Up until now the only system that we are aware of; is a step ladder with camera mount.

Our goal was to design as system that would allow photographs to be taken from above the subject without interfering with the proceedure. The Motor Drive Camera Track also allows the Doctor to keep the camera in position “hands free” while they continue to work.

If your camera has the “Live Screen” feature using a small video monitor allows the user to take photos without having to hover over the camera for viewing. One could use a wireless remote to fire the camera or an iPhone App with remote viewing-shutter release.

The Rotating Camera Bracket will let you change from Portrait to Landscape while keeping the lens centered. Another option would be to use a large tripod Ball head for taking images at differnt angles.

All of the Camera Tracks are custom made. Normally the top rail is 8ft in lenght, but can be up to 12ft long. The vertical rail will be made to match the ceiling height and table height.

Pricing for the unit shown in the video (not including the color monitor) is $2995.00 +S&H


  •  12v Gear Drive motor with AC adapter
  • Rotating Camera bracket with quick release.
  • System will support monitor and small CPU if needed



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