Digital Photography Equipment and Training for Plastic Surgeons

The Digital Pro LLC offers instruction and equipment for Plastic Surgeons Before-After photography

Ceiling Mounted Camera Track & Lighting Demonstration of Before and After Photography Video


 Before and After Photography for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologist & Staff

Photographic Studio Equipment designed for “Before and After” publication quality photographs having perfect registration, consistent lighting meeting or exceeding professional standards. A turn key approach with on-site available.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has done a great  job in establishing standards for plastic surgeons taking before and after photos of patients. This includes a publication called “Photographic Standards in Plastic Surgery” and a PDF version is available for your viewing. After reviewing this publication it would seem that there would be compliance with the standards that have been set, but that is definitely not the case.

If  you review the publication it becomes very apparent that taking before and after photos as is it being done in most plastic surgeons offices is far from the professional standards that have been set. A whole list of problems that this has created could be listed including loss of revenue. What needs to be done is setting up an area in your office dedicated to taking patient photos with the right equipment and staff training. The small investment in equipment will start to show a return immediately. If you already have a Digital SLR camera Studio lights and  the Camera Track sells for as little as $3000.

 Law Enforcement

Crime Scene Photography Work Shops

TAC-720 HD Video Camera $249.95


Digital Photography Training Workshops

The Digital Pro (James Canterbury) has spent the last 25 years training Consumers, Police Officers and Plastic Surgeons to use digital cameras and improve their photography.  

Now you can learn how to use your Digital Camera withe the friendly hands on approach   

Digital Camera Workshops & Audio Video Training CDs

All of the Digital Photography workshops are single classes offered on Thursday evenings, or Saturday mornings and afternoon for those taking the intermediate-SLR class. Most include the companion Audio-Video CD.  Current locations include: Medford, Bend, Portland, Beaverton, Albany, Eugene, and Springfield Oregon.Basic Digital “How to Workshop” 2 hrs.  Computer and Photo Software Workshop 1.5 hrs.  Intermediate -SLR Workshop 1.5 hrs.

Basic Digital Photography

A very basic class based on the needs of the students. Learn about the parts of your digital camera and how they work together to improve your picture taking. Bring your camera to class. Be sure your camera batteries are charged,and brinur camera manual.

In the beginning of the Workshop all attending will individually be walked through their cameras basic settings, then a Power Point presentation demonstrating examples of photo taken with different settings and  techniques neededto get the most out of your camera. In the second half of  you will be using your camera to take photos and practice the techniques we have discussed. (Backdrops and subjects set n the class room.) Instructional CD available for additional fee.

This Workshis the perfect solution for experienced photographers making the change from Film to Digital Photography.

Available on site for your Company or Organization and Parks and Recreation locations.   Basic Digital Camera Workshop, Computer-Photo Software, Intermediate-SLR Workshop Cd’s available for purchase online.   

Intermediate Digital Photography for SLR camera users Class

Now is the time to learn how to get the most out of your Single Lens Reflex digital camera. Learn to shoot sports, wildlife, portraits, or scenery “Like a Pro” if you understand the basics.

The first part of the class consists of a Power Point presentation demonstrating techniques needed to get the most out of your camera. The second half  you will be using your camera to take photos and practice the techniques we have discussed. Instructional CD available for additional fee.

Topics covered in this class will include: Shutter speeds to control motion, F -stops to control depth of field, different lenses and applications.

Prerequisite:  How to Use your Digital Camera



Digital Photography Software-Computer Class

Have fun while you master technology and learn to use your digital camera image files effectively.  Lecture/demo includes , terminology, software principles, image downloading and organization, printing and e-mailing digital images.  Learn from a pro and develop your digital imaging skills.  Instructional CD available for additional fee.
Topics covered are:

Computer Maintenance
File Management
Complete set up and operation of Picasa2 photo software.
How to upload photos to your PC
Resizing images for e-mail ect
Fixing images (Crop, color balance,ect)
Using photos in other software applications.
E-mail photo’s with ease.
Transferring photo’s, and other data  to CDs

   Crime Scene Photography Training   

 Almost every Law Enforcement Officer has a Digital Camera provided to them for use in the field, but almost none have had any formal training. When the cameras are used the results are; poor quality images and photographs that do not properly document the investigation.

The reason that departments have invested in Digital Camera equipment was to have photographs in situation where the first officer on scene will be the only one that will be taking photos because it is not cost effective to have forensic teams  or medical examiner for every event. Their services are only used in major crime scenes. Can you think of any other piece of equipment that your officers have been provided with that they have not be trained on? Without training the return on investment is always poor.

Let’s look at the benefits of having the right type of  “Crime Scene Photography Training”

  • Photographs taken are in focus, and properly exposed.
  • Using the correct procedures for an investigation the photos will “tell a story” showing prospective and relationships of the evidence.
  • Increased credibility of testimony in court and in written reports.
  • Eliminate having to return to the scene to retake photos.

 This Workshop was developed in cooperation with the Jackson County Medford, Oregon) Sheriffs Office Investigation Division for the needs of Police Detectives and Patrol Officers first on scene. Quite often the workshops are sponsored by local departments and offered to other agencies in their local area.

Computer-Network-Digital Photography support for Business or Home


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