Digital Photography Equipment and Training

for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

The Digital Pro LLC offers training and equipment for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist Before-After photography.


Photo Room With Camera Dolly & Wall Mounted Lighting

Camera Dolly  Wall Huggers and Soft Boxes

Ceiling Mounted Camera Track

New Item! RxPhoto

Touch MD Camera & iPad Dolly compatible


Camera Stand with Manfrotto-iPad mounts cords $750 (Digital Producer-iPad not included)

Low cost solution for publication quality before and after photography

Complete Studio with four lights and Camera Dolly $2000

Camera Track Studio including four lights $3500

On site training and set up $500 per day plus travel expenses

Wall Mounted Camera Track & Lighting Demonstration of Before and After Photography Video

This video demonstrates our approach to taking professional quality photo for procedures including  facial, body and Cool Sculpting before and after.


 Before and After Photography for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologist & Staff

Photographic Studio Equipment designed for “Before and After” publication quality photographs having perfect registration, and consistent lighting based on professional standards.

Key issues when setting up a photo area in your office are having the right equipment and staff training.

The most way most efficient way to accomplish this is to contact James Canterbury at The Digital Pro LLC. What we will need is a list of the Camera, and Lighting  that your office is using, and the dimensions of the room that is being used including ceiling height. After receiving this information a room layout drawing will be sent with locations for the lights and subject.

The first item that is addressed is “Camera to Patient Distance”  this issue is resolved using the ceiling mounted Camera Track  or Camera Dolly. Now all of your Before and After Photos will be taken from the same height and distance for each patient and those measurements will be recorded for future reference.

Equally  important is lighting that is constant by wall mounting Soft Boxes or  Wall Hugger at the right distance from the subject to insure the best exposure and color balance.

Your studio can be customized to fit the room in your office with the right combination of  lights, and either the Camera Track or Camera Stand.


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